Hello! Are you a foodie? Do you wish to savor some lip-smacking Indian delicacy? If the case, then this article will be the perfect fit for you. Being a food lover, you will definitely appreciate Indian dishes as a whole. Being rich in taste, with flavors amalgamated with exotic spices and herbs along with nutritional value, Indian food can rock as well as tickle your taste buds. Apart from the rich taste and aroma of every delicacy, Indian cuisine also has potential nutritional value and health benefits. Typically made with fresh ingredients along with a variety of herbs and spices, authentic Indian dishes can be a perfect fit for your health and well-being. Among the various dishes available that you can taste among Indian food, “roti” or Indian flatbed can be a good choice for your platter. If you are residing in Vancouver, you can easily search for the best roti in Vancouver.

The recipe for making roti or this particular food item, has gained good popularity not only in India but also outside the country. It has become a popular dish in South Asian cuisine as well. Vancouver, Canada, has also adopted the recipe because of its health benefits and taste. You can seamlessly find the dish in several Indian restaurants in Canada. Curry & Roti Kitchen in Vancouver also holds a similar place among the list of Indian restaurants selling roti. 

Types of roti that you can savor

Talking about roti, there are several genres of Indian flatbreads that you can easily add to your platter, along with several options available for side dishes. Let’s take a look –






Tandoori roti


Missi Roti

Bajra Roti and much more.

Buttery chicken roti can be an excellent choice

Yes! You read it right. When you order butter chicken roti from Curry & Roti Kitchen, you get the best roti in Vancouver.

This delicacy is hard for you to resist. This particular roti is made with whole wheat flour along with salt and water. In the first step, the dough is nicely kneaded; in the second step, the dough is rolled out into thin circles. Then the roti is cooked on a hot griddle or tawa until it becomes crispy and golden in color.

Now comes the twist of butter chicken roti. After successfully making the base of the roti, already cooked aromatic chicken curry is placed inside the roti and wrapped in the shape of a sandwich. In the final step, the entire roti is again cooked on a tawa with butter. Thus, the very dish of butter chicken roti adds a sense of rich taste as you start eating it.

re you ready to order the best roti in Vancouver? Would you like to share a wonderful moment with your friends and family members while savoring butter chicken roti in Vancouver? Then connect with Curry & Roti Kitchen in Vancouver and order the dish online. 

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