There is very little finer than online Indian order delivery in Vancouver. That intoxicating smell, the spices, the slow-cooked curries, the soft, squidgy naan, or the Indian flatbread. But there is one aspect of this gastronomic delight that we don’t talk about enough: the naan nap. Yep, really! It’s a vancouver-ism following a classic Indian feast freshly delivered to your own dining room table that usually sends a cascade of drowsy goodness.

You’ve eaten way too much, and any reasonable person would call it a night. But hey, you have some stretchy pants on, and those cushions are stacking up. At Curry and Roti Vancouver Kitchen, we’re huge fans of the time-honoured tradition. Eat curry. Fall asleep. Party the next day. Here’s how to do it with style.

  1. phone in an order to Curry and Roti Vancouver Kitchen—now would be a great time.
  2. Eat enough naan so that it quickly loses its description as bread and becomes that spongey stuff piled below and around your curry mélange.

The Science Behind the Slumber

But first, there’s the elephant that needs to be banished from this great gooey-oasis—why does Indian food make you sleepy? The answer concerns the hidden mathematics of proteins, carbohydrates, and spices. What on Earth are those naan breads? They are bomb-bursting with carbohydrates that lead to blood sugar highs and lows.

Combine that with all the protein from the curries and stews, not to mention tryptophan, the amino acid that induces sleep, which is now slamming you from both sides. Then bring on the spices. Some spice blends contain compounds that have a sedative effect on the body, like those found in curry powder and garam masala. It’s little wonder you’re dozing off after online Indian order delivery in Vancouver!

Crafting the Perfect Nap Sanctuary

And now that the science is out of the way, the art of the naan nap can be perfected. The ideal napping environment must be created, and while making space for a midday snooze may be challenging, comfort-obsessed Vancouver inhabitants have practiced it for years. 

Start with a solid foundation: a deep, soft sofa or armchair, or a pile of floor cushions. Then add blankets; don’t skimp; and never underestimate the versatility of a piece of naan bread. Warm, pillowy discs of leavened flatbread can substitute for blankets or serve as materials in a fort-building project. 

The Art of the Naan Blanket Fort

Please do not forget the naan forts—a Vancouver tradition not to be scoffed at. What could be more comforting than a blanket fort pieced together from naan breads? Just pile cushions or heavy coffee tables carefully around the nap zone.

Next, gently toss your naan breads over these structures, creating your very own Indian-style den. When it comes to building your fort, don’t be afraid to experiment. Use bright rugs and blankets, fairy lights, or, for a real Indian feel, some bowls of chutney.

Embracing the Only-in-Vancouver Naan Nap Culture

Admittedly, the naan nap is less about the post-meal rest and more about how Vancouver’s many different culinary influences come together and our inclination to seek comfort and relaxation in just about any situation. Embrace it!

Host a naan nap party for friends, setting the stage with comfortable seating arrangements, dimmed lights, pillows, and blankets. Relish the butter chicken or coconut chicken stew, prepare the naan, and let your guests revel and regale in the post-curry haze. To suffice, naan naps are for any day of the week.

With a little invention and a whole lot of Indian food, any day can be transformed into a snug, naan maze of comfort and rest. To all fellow Vancouver residents, on the next lazy day, take your naan nap after relishing an Indian meal. Just go with it, and you’ll be glad that you did! Call us now for online Indian order delivery in Vancouver!

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