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Order the Choicest Indian Rotis in Vancouver

Curry and Roti Vancouver Kitchen is excited to introduce you to the significant kinds of vegetarian and non-vegetarian rotis you may order from the same. Offering the choicest Indian rotis in Vancouver since our inception, we are passionate about bringing the true essence of the subcontinent’s culinary heritage overseas. Our wide range of soul-satisfying rotis offers a perfect blend of classic oriental flavours and authentic cooking practices from the Far East.

Butter Chicken Roti

Indulge in the mouthwatering combination of tenderly cooked chicken tikka, simmered in a luscious tomato and butter gravy wrapped in a soft, lightly toasted roti. Our Butter Murgh Roti brings the iconic flavours of the legendary Butter Chicken delicacy to a convenient and handheld format.

Lamb Korma Roti

Experience the exquisite taste of succulent pieces of lamb slow-cooked in a creamy and aromatic korma sauce. Our Lamb Korma Roti incorporates tender meat and bold spices, making it a delight for meat lovers seeking a flavoursome roti experience.

Tandoori Chicken Roti

Savour the smoky and charred flavours of marinated tandoori chicken, perfectly complemented by an eclectic blend of organic spices and presented in an inviting roti. Our Tandoori Chicken Roti is famous for those craving a delicious, filling, non-vegetarian option.

Egg Bhurji Roti

Our Anda Bhurji Roti is a must-try for egg lovers in British Columbia. Enjoy scrambled eggs cooked with herbs, aromatic spices, and onions, all encased in a soft and delicious roti. This roti’s combination of textures and flavours will leave you craving more.

At Curry and Roti Vancouver Kitchen, we prioritize quality and authenticity in all our offerings. Every roti our diners order is carefully prepared by seasoned chefs, ensuring that each provides a truly memorable experience. If you are on foreign soil and looking to explore the delightful realm of vegetarian or non-vegetarian Indian rotis, look no further. Visit Curry and Roti Vancouver Kitchen today!

Experience the varied flavours and unparalleled hospitality that we strive to bring to each of our patrons. Please call us at your convenience to learn more about our menu, ongoing offers, and prices. We look forward to greeting you shortly with our handpicked Indian rotis in Vancouver!

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